• Established in Nov. 1999 at a small laboratory, ARO InTech has contributed to make people more efficient and much faster in using public transportation. Our goals are to provide accurate and reliable data and contents for public transportation, and develop attractive contents for tourism coupled with public transportation service. Our contents and data are regularly updated and maintained with professional resources, and served with cutting-edge service technology.
  • With excellent leadership by President Wang-seok Lee and Technical Head Hyun-woo Seok, ARO InTech has raised up itself as an unique contents and data provider, and has awarded from public corporations and government. Global IT portals such as Google, Microsoft and domestic portal leaders brings them to their web/mobile service.
  • ARO of ARO Intech mean Alpha and Omega of Greek, which represent starting and ending point as our own contents and data have developed to build up web/mobile public service of bus route searching . Also, ODsay stands as our service brand, which means a travel using public transportation. lab.odsay.com is our service foundation people can see what contents we have, and updated quickly.
  • As of Nov. 2017, there are 36 employees and almost half of them are engaged in developing web/mobile service. Proud of being a pioneer, our service territory will be expanded with valuable customers.