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Public Transport Contents

Type Extent of Contents Contents Provided by AroInTech
City Bus Country-wide Route / Time Table / Starting & Ending Point / Interval / Bus Company / Route Length / POIs on the Route / Coordinate of Stops / Route Graph / Stop ID / Fare / Time to Destination
Town Bus Seoul and Metropolitans
Airport Bus Seoul and Metropolitans
Subway Country-wide Station Name / Address / Phone / Coordinate of Station / Exit Information / Bus Information around the Subway Exits / Time Table / Passenger Facilities / Quick Transfer Information / Restroom Location / Platform Type / Direction of Getting Off / Fare / Route Graph / Time to Destination
Railway Country-wide Station Name / Coordinate of Station / Route Name / Phone / Fax / Homepage / Train Type / Train # / Time Table / Fare / Time to Destination
Express Bus Country-wide Terminal Name / Coordinate of Terminal / Address / Phone / Interval / Time to Destination / Time Table / Fare
Inter-city Bus Country-wide
Airway Country-wide Airport Name / Coordinate of Terminal / Address / Phone / Time Table / Homepage / Airplane # / Airway Company / Date

ODsay LAB provides the knowledge and skills needed to create a database. You can use data based on accuracy and latest. The Public Transport Routes Search API provides you with content and route searches by type of public transport,
and will constantly reflect your feedback and needs to provide you with more information for your development needs. more