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Public Transport Route Search, Information and New Services
Patent and Program Copyright

  • Patent application

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  • Patent application

    System for auto-creating rough-sketch on demand and searching rough-sketch and method of controlling the same
    Mar, 2000
Program Copyright
Public transportation-based directions service Apr, 2020
Smart mobility multimodal directions Apr, 2019
ODsay LAB May, 2018
Bus travel time prediction application server May, 2017
Bus travel time prediction mobile app May, 2017
'Korea Transit Guide' mobile app Dec, 2016
Program Registration
Public Transportation Accessibility Services Mar, 2022
Real-Time Public Transport GTFS-RT Pathway System Mar, 2021
'ODsay 대중교통 길찾기' mobile app Nov, 2013
Bus/Subway Station Augmented Reality Jul, 2011
Bus Route Map Mar, 2010
U-3Ds Oct, 2007
Real-time road traffic and Public transport mobile VM program Oct, 2007